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Clearance Sale!
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**Category A all at RM10**

A01. Jasmine (Orange)
A02. Crystal Brides (White-sold)
A03. Marie Jo (Grey)
A04. Wrapz (Light Blue)
A06. Sparkling Ring (Grey, White)
A07. Emma (White-sold)
A08. Haylie (Purple, Blue, Pink)
A09. MayLace (Grey-sold, White)

**Category B all at RM19**

B01. Bolero Ravel (Red)
B03. Acetic Acid (Green)
B04. Aldonza (Grey, Pink, White, Black)
B05. Young Forever (Cream-sold, White)
B06. Honey Suckle (Soft Pink)
B07. Hot In Here (White, Grey, Gold)
B08. Pantene (Black, Grey)
B09. Golden Flower *Divalicious* (White-sold, Red, Black)
B10. My Boo (White)
B11. Sleeping Beauty (Pink)
B12. Rose Rose (Green, Pink, Black)
B13. Need You Now (Pink)
B14. Must Love (White)
B15. Slytherin Top (Grey)
B16. Slayer (White)
B17. Zoey Knitted Cardi (Cocoa -sold )
B18. Summer Holiday (Pink)
B19. Vervain (White)
B20. Marshmallow (Blue, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black)
B21. Tokyo Drift (Blue Jeans-reserved)

**Category C 1 for RM29, 2 for RM50**

C01. Beauvais *Divalicious* (White-sold, Blue-sold )
C02. Angelene Sweet Pie *Plush&Lush* (Pink, Cream-sold, Black-sold)
C03. Barbie Doll (Charcoal, Gold)
C04. Bianca Mesh (Blue-sold, White)
C05. Archuleta Frills (Blue-sold)
C06. Byrne Rosette (Peach-sold, White-sold, Green -sold )
C07. Butterfly Top (Black -sold )
C08. Carnelian (White)
C09. Canadian Toga (Black)
C11. Extravagance (Electric Blue-sold)
C12. Shereen Pleated Pants *TopShop Inspired* (Black, Nude Brown -sold , Mustard, Blue, Cream)
C13. Charmed (White)
C14. Clara's Mini Bodycon *Zara Inspired* (Light Blue-sold)
C15. Cherry Blossom (White-sold)
C16. Date Plum (White-sold)
C17. Dirty Dancer (Brown, Black)
C18. Dwayne (Blue -sold , Cream-sold, Black -sold ) 
C19. Angela Baby (Blue, Red-sold)
C20. Elyza Crush (Black)
C21. Hook Ups (Blue, Red-sold)
C23.Juliet (Brown, Black, White)
C24.Jessica's Crush (Black, White)
C25.Samantha's Retro Skirt (Black, Size M -sold )
C26.Gorgeous Me *Divalicious* (Black -sold , Light Grey-sold, Beige Nude-sold)
C27.Kismis Sweeden (Pink)
C28.Rosette (White-sold)
C29.Kylie's Halter Dress (Black, Brown-sold)
C30.Paneled Bodycon Skirt *Plush&Lush* (Blue-sold, Mustard-sold)
C31.Lady Killer Corset Top (White, Nude Brown-sold , Black-sold)
C32.Leanne Lace (Blue-sold, Grey-sold, Black)
C33.Loving You (Blue-M-sold , White-S, Army Green-S)
C34.Ivy Cut-In Dress (Purple-sold)
C35.Nuelasta (Black)
C36.Stylo Pants (Blue, Grey-sold, Nude, Black)
C37.Marianne Eclipse (Black, Peach-sold)
C38.Marie-Jo (Pink, Black, Blue-sold)
C39.Memory (White, Red-sold, Black-sold)
C40.Miss Clare Peplum (White, Gold, Black)
C41.Moonlight Bay (Purple)
C42.Night Wish (Black-sold)
C43.Paris Dream (Red-sold, Black-sold, Pink-sold, White)
C44.Perfect * Nightmare (Green)
C45.Puff Davidoff (Cocoa-sold)
C46.Queensland (Navy Blue-sold)
C47.Roseanne Dress (White-sold)
C48.Russian Love (Can be worn as a top) (Black-sold, Navy Blue)
C49.Russian Love (Can be worn as a bottom) (Black-sold, Navy Blue)
C50.Sexy Little Things (Purple)
C51.Shania Jumper (Blue-sold, Cream, Black)
C52.Sheila's Love (Gold)
C53.Slimshine (Grey-sold)
C54.Sway (Black)
C55.Sunset (Dim Nude, Light Nude)
C57.Voire (Grey-S, Navy Blue-S)
C58.Celestial (Cream-sold)
C60.Missy Hilary (White)
C61.Moselle (Pink)
C62. Friday! -sold
C63. Ladyhawke (Cocoa-sold)
C64. Cranberry Love (Pink, Purple-sold, Black)

**Category D all at RM35**

D01. Autumn To Remember *Divalicious* (Pinkish Black, Blue-ish Rose, Silverish Navy Blue)
D02. Leoparda Maxi (Brown) 
D03. Rosemary *Divalicious* (White-sold)
D04. Aquarius (Blue)
D05. Hitch Lovers (Black, Army Green)
D06. Jasper Gaucho (Nude)

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